Wearing Eyeglasses vs. Contact Lenses

Most vision insurance coverage does not cover both eyeglasses and contact lenses every year.  This leads many patients to ask, “which one should I choose?”  There is a clear answer from a health standpoint that is often overlooked since so many patients are forced to view this issue from an economic standpoint.  Contact lens wearers should never be without back up eyeglasses.

If you need vision correction, you should have eyeglasses.  The real question should not be an “either/or” situation.  The real question is, “do I need contact lenses also?”

To answer this question, think about your feelings on glasses.  Even though fashionable and designer frames have become affordable in recent years, some patients do not like the way s/he looks in glasses.  Some patients may participate in outdoor activities that make contact lenses and non-prescription or designer sunglasses more feasible or fashionable options.  There are even patients who enjoy better visual acuity with contact lenses over eyeglasses.

Any of these reasons may steer a patient toward contact lenses.  If you have questions about what choice is right for your lifestyle, please ask your optometrist during your eye exam.

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