Top 3 reasons to use an anti-glare treatment in 2011.

The main reasons TO use an anti-glare treatment (formerly called anti-reflective coating) are nearly the same as they have always  been:

  1. By allowing a larger percentage of light to pass through the lens instead of reflecting off of it, perceived glare (from computer screens, headlights, etc.) is greatly diminished.
  2. Reflections are virtually invisible on the front of the lenses with an anti-glare treatment, making the wearer easier to see.
  3. Most premium anti-glare treatments like the ones offered from Crizal, are incorporated with the best scratch protection available.
So what’s different now, or at least in the past few years?  The difference lies within the new name.  The old anti-reflective coating for lenses was often times applied after the plastic lens was already made.  With mistreatment, heat, or sometimes just bad luck, coating would crack, scratch, or peel.  This left many anti-reflective coating users with a bad taste in their mouths and not anxious for another try.  But today’s premium anti-glare treatments are molded with superior scratch protection at the same time the entire lens is being made.  There is no coating to peel away – nothing is “sitting” on top of the lens!  In addition, it seems like every new generation of anti-glare treatment that comes out is even more hydrophobic and oleophobic than before, making smudges a thing of the past.
If you have used an anti-glare treatment recently, please leave a comment below and let us know what you think!
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  1. Anti-glare treatment is the only way to go. I love the new lenses that hardly ever get dirty and are still scratch free even though they have been to the barn several times.

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