The Importance of the Medical History Questionnaire

You go to your eye doctor‘s office, are greeted warmly, and are promptly presented with a two page document asking you about what seems to be your life’s history…name, address, insurance, surgeries, medical questions, the list goes on and on.  What do these items have to do with getting glasses??

Although blindness is often quoted as being a way more popular fear amongst the human race than being toothless, patients rarely consider the health aspects of regular eye exams but dutifully show up for teeth cleaning every six months.  Instead, the focus is generally on an expired contact lens prescription or a broken pair of glasses or perhaps using up an insurance benefit.

Regular eye exams provide early detection for diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.  Many diseases, such as diabetes, can cause major changes in vision and the interior of the eye as well as other portions of the body.  Don’t forget, everything is connected!

So back to that Medical History Questionnaire…all of those questions are not nearly as random as you might think.  Please answer truthfully and completely so that your optometrist can provide you with the most optimal eye care (as well as vision correction!) possible.

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