Eyetopics Reports: Transitions Introduces Faster Photochromic Lenses

Originally published at: Transitions Optical Introduces Faster Photochromic Lenses

Company’s new Transitions(R) V lenses with ESP – regain clarity indoors more than two times faster than previous photochromic eyeglass lenses.

New Transitions (R) V Lenses with ESP – Get Clear Indoors 100% Faster

Transitions Optical, Inc. – the worldwide leader in photochromic eyeglass lenses that adjust automatically to different lighting conditions – announces they have introduced a new, faster-changing lens that becomes clear indoors in less than half the time it takes for the tint in previous photochromic lenses to fade.

The new lens – Transitions(R) V lenses with ESP(TM) – is available in lightweight, shatter-resistant polycarbonate and Trivex(R) lens materials and in high index plastic materials, including ultra-thin 1.67 high index plastic lenses offered by lens manufacturers Essilor, Sola and Seiko.

According to Transitions Optical:

  • Transitions V lenses with ESP fade back (become clear) indoors over twice as fast as the company’s previous product.

The company also says surveys of eyecare professionals and consumers indicate:

  • 8 out of 10 eyecare professionals would recommend Transitions V Lenses with ESP to their patients.
  • 83% of consumers prefer Transitions V Lenses with ESP to clear lenses.

For more information about Transitions Optical, Inc. and Transitions(R)-brand photochromic lenses, visit the company’s website at www.transitions.com.

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