Choosing Frames for You

The choices today in fashionable and designer frames are more numerous than ever.

The first variable to consider is your prescription.  Nearsighted patients have corrective lenses that are thinnest in the middle and get thicker as they go out.  For this reason, patients requiring a fair or more amount of correction should consider a smaller frame, which decreases edge thickness of the lens.  Farsighted patients have corrective lenses that are thickest in the middle, so often a small designer frame is not the best option.  In addition, edge thickness is also a consideration with rimless frames as well.

The next variable is face shape.  Round face shapes typically look better in square corners and rectangular frames.  Square face shapes (often with a strong jaw) look better in softer, rounder frames.  Oval face shapes can often wear any frame shape.

Designer frames today are available in many shapes and colors, varying from funky to conservative.  Talk to your optical assistant for more detailed information on what is best for you and your prescription.

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  1. Thank you for this post on choosing designer frames for face shapes. I’ve found that my different frame shapes make a huge difference if I am wearing glasses under my hat when showing in longe line.

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